Shantaram- An amateurs mini-review.


Shantaram: the best book I’ve ever read, and is one of the most intriguing true stories ever written. The book mainly focuses on the life of Gregory David Roberts (author), but it is not only his life that is described in the book – somehow between the lines a reader can see the magnificence of human feelings, the complex structure of the human soul and the strength of the human will.

The theme of Shantaram is the exile experience, disaffection, and man’s quest for meaning. It’s also about shame and self-loathing, sadness and hope, fear and forgiveness, poverty and true wealth. And above all, it is about love.

It is the story of the indomitable spirit of a man who has lost everything – whose will to survive is astonishing – and the lengths to which he will fight to climb out of the abyss, absolutely astounding. The main character who has a number of names: Linbaba, Lin, Shantaram…is a man who feels damned and beyond redemption because of the crimes he’s committed (robbery, smuggling, gunrunning, counterfeiting, and working as a street soldier for the Bombay mafia) but who manages to find light, peace and salvation through the relationships he shares with the people he loves.

The details are so wonderfully written that will make you weep uncontrollably, daydream, smile, and laugh out loud at moments.

I won’t say anything more but READ THIS BOOK.

~ by Ravi on February 26, 2011.

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