Worst ISP in Hyderabad

My internet experience from past few days is literally forcing me to write this, I use an internet connection provided by Beam Cable Systems which they promise to have a speed of 2 MBps. This speed is something which you can never imagine to get if you are with beam.

The speed of my internet connection is pissing me off from last 3-4 days. I think beam cable is the worst ISP in Hyderabad and I’ve reasons to justify my claim. When I applied for the internet connection with them, they promised that we’ll give you the connection in a week’s time (I had to wait coz there were no other suitable ISPs who were offering services in that area). A week passed so as two, three and four…. I made several complaints using every medium which they use to hear complaints. Several visits to their office were also insufficient to make any difference as I had to deal with the fucking assholes there. And when I’ve finally got the connection then started the flip flops of the service, they are not bothered at all if the customer has made any complaint.

I am writing this post hoping that some moron of the company happens to read this post and realize how pissed off are the customers with his company otherwise suicide is the best thing that can happen to him.

I am also creating a poll to testify my claim if the beam cable is topping the charts or there are other serious players also in the fray to be labeled as the worst ISP of Hyderabad. Please do vote and spit out your frustration in the comments section.


~ by Ravi on April 14, 2009.

22 Responses to “Worst ISP in Hyderabad”

  1. Absolutely right…Worst ever experience
    Issues don’t get fixed for weeks and tech is not capable of fixing issues.

    • ya right…tech support is worst that I’ve ever experienced and sorry for the late reply as I was away from my blog from last three weeks 🙂

  2. Interesting blog.

    Do you really blame them though, seriously?? I mean the population is crazy over there and I am sure they have thousands of customers who are constantly trying to scam them. So in order to stay alive in such competitive city, they use such tactics. Let me guess, you choose the cheapest plan that they had to offer? If yes, you can’t really expect a royal treatment my friend. It’s the truth.

    Now, I am not saying that it’s good customer service but that’s the way the cookie crumbles. I just want to make it clear that I don’t work for any ISP in Hyderabad nor do I live there but I have been to hyderabad quite a few time and I understand how business is done over there.

    The best advice I can give you is bribery aka “chanda” aka “Rishwat” 🙂

    Take it easy my friend.

    • Thanks for your views.. but I urge you to take a look at the poll… I guess not everyone who has polled uses the cheapest plan 😉

  3. great to see this blog post.
    you are ranking in 1st page and for ‘worst isp hyderabad’ this post ranks #1.



    • Dear Reddy,

      This is exactly how the ppl get fooled by clever tactics of ISPs. They write 384 kbps but never mentions its kilobits per sec or kilobytes per sec. So ppl who don’t know difference between kbps & kBps easily get fooled. kBps stands for Kilobytes per sec. So next time when you choose a connection keep this in mind.

      1100/- per month is indeed costly, lookout for other options dude.

  5. […] Worst ISP Part-2 I really did not wanted to write this, but couldn’t resist anymore. I have already reviewed (better say F@#$ed) one ISP in one of my previous post. I must say, I am really not this much jobless to make hue and cry over the pathetic service, which some ISP provide, time and again. But this time its the worst ever Internet experience I am having, Reliance Netconnect  Broadband+ (the one which claims speed upto 3.1 Mbps) is even worse than the Worst ISP in Hyderabad. […]

  6. hey iam also in the same club
    dont ever go TIKONA
    one of the worst ISP providers
    they promised 2mbps speed
    but i get 13 kps
    no one is ther to take care
    they just got a customer they are happy with that
    they dont want to retain
    its just 3rd day
    only the time the techncian installed the modem when he was at the home i got the speed 1 hour later it started
    neither the technician is bothered to answer my call or the customer care
    be aware dont ever go for it
    even one person gets aware
    ill be happy

  7. Hi Every body,
    first of all thanks for starting this kind of thread.
    I also got similar situation with BEAM CABLE rascles….
    they are really iditos…I dont understand why they are still exists in market….
    I called up to beam cable for atleast 10 times and since I dont have any other option like no service provider is available in that area.
    after 25 days they called ame and asking u need the internet connection. this happened last week and after that there is no responce from the agent. If I call to that person he never picks up the phone.
    his name is vijay : 9052093419 n 9948575704

    My vote is never go with beam cable. It is the only worst service in HYD.
    atleast tikona show interest to take new costomers, but these Beam cable idiots dont care even we call for new connection also.

  8. third class service beam is providing ….i have 2 mbps plan and they are giving .2 mbps speed….really chor(thief) they are…..

    • perhaps you should write clearly .2mbps or .2MBps. Either ways I had excell media connection.. bit costly but sure they gave a constant speed of 90KBps . which is good.. Any suggestion of a good ISP near Kothapet

  9. Recently I bought MTS MBrowse, USB connection for Rs.2000, includes 1000 for modem and 1000 for first three months free unlimited internet service, there on Rs.800 for every month for unlimited connection. The connection speed is 153 kbps. Later I realised I’m paying hefty amount for this service. And just imagine the browsing speed, and downloading 1 MB file, it is taking at lest 5 minutes. The down speed doesn’t go beyond 5 KBPS.

    The customer service is worst. Neither they respond to the calls nor they reply me on the Email.
    Please Don’t go for MTS

  10. Yes, this is the worst ISP in hyderabad. I called custcare many times for new connection and complied. But no executive came to start the process.

  11. HI Guys I am also suing Tikona.

    Speed wise things are really good. I am getting what ever they promised 512 kbps. Download is good.

    Even technician is also good in Madinaguda area, he visited within 24 hrs when complaint is lodged. What I am facing problem is that there access point is not very stream lined. It breaks once or twice a day.

    Else download is great !!

  12. Hi,
    I have tried both Beamtele and Youbroadband with the high speed connectivity options. With Beam I was paying over INR.3,500/month for a fiber connectivity to home with a promised speed of 8Mbs upload and 30Mbps down-load speed. A high speed connectivity categorised as corporate client while the connection is was for my home.

    With Youbroadband, I have opted for a high speed connectivity of 8Mbps.A high speed connectivity categorised as corporate client while the connection is was for my home.

    To give you bit of my background, I am an Alumni of IIT Roorkee with 24-years of experience in IT Infrastructure and heavy background experience in networking.

    Now with respect to the above-cited both ISP are third class in nature, where they don’t maintain a proper battery back up at node levels thereby in case of any power disruptions the connection is lost instantly.

    Both the ISP’s are absolutely useless in nature and I have a strong belief that these company’s are not core telecom company’s and don’t have the knowledge of on how to run a ISP business and no clue on enterprise level connectivity.

    In nut-shell don’t trust any ISP in Hyderabad who offers services on any type of cable (be it fiber/coax) as these company’s are basically some grocerry shop approach and don’t understand high speed connectivity and they have no clue even to serve properly to the corporates.

    Regards to all,

  13. nice Blog……We are providing Beam Broadband Internet Connection

  14. you are right..Beam Broad band sucks..when the customers are in need of a new connection it makes us wait in such a way that directly or indirectly it says to opt for other ISP’s. Late lathif Beam Telecom. I have been following up for a new connection since almost 1 and a half month and still it is not fixed. After 1 and a half month the executive comes today and says the junction box is full and they need more 20 days to fix a new one. What kind of service is this i am not sure.

  15. So can anyone suggest the best option for my new company office in Madhapur? I need leased line with static IP .

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