Now we all know that people blog on every imaginable subject, but I am unable to imagine a single subject to write about from quite a few days. 

I have to admit: I can’t think of anything to say here.

Writer’s block, Subject block, Brain block. I don’t know what it is?? So in case this post sucks (I have a strong feeling it will), then turn off your computer, and come back to life  😛

I am literally dried up of things to write about. The loud, having opinion on everything, completely acquired moron in me made me believe that I’ll never run out of things to write about so easily!! And here I am at a loss of story….yet itching to blog…so here’s is an account of past few days of my life:

Yesterday me and my partner (referred to as K) in project (GP) decided to do some work finally, for that we had to go to a factory and we were waiting for a bus on the stand when this strange and funny thing happened (not with me but with K :P). A 60 something bugger budhdha came approaching us with spittle of gutkha out flowing from his mouth suddenly pointed his hand towards K and blabbered “Ye 100-150 ka chashma laga kar to koyi bhi khada ho jaye batao who is the first prime minister of India??” One thing quickly came to my mind that how the hell this fatichar budhdha knew that K doesn’t even know the name of first PM of India??? I thought only I knew K in this much of detail 😀 strange!! He continued his grumblings with moving slightly forward and gesturing as if he knew everything and we the so-called modern generation don’t even know who the first PM of India is? The whole lot of people were looking at us and this is what K has to say on this “I am happy when I laugh at stupid jokes” and that too when they are targeted on me, I completed what K wanted to say 😀 .

Day before yesterday I and Kartik were sipping chai at our regular joint when a Gurkha guard came with a slip and gave it to the one who’s standing in the shop. He read the slip (loud) “Spinal…. itna bada item nahi milta yahan”. It was special biscuit which was written on the slip.

The speed of my internet connection today is pissing me off as  its getting disconnected every now and then. The fucking customer support of Beam Cable System is the worst I’ve ever experienced. I have this post ready to be posted on my blog but the internet connection is working in a fucked up manner, thank God I am using MS Word for writing this post so I have the flexibility of posting this matter any time and I’ll do that as soon as the net starts working.

Cynical Psychic is signing off and going back to life. 😀

~ by Ravi on April 14, 2009.

5 Responses to “Crap!!”

  1. of course, u won’t dare tell here as to why you didn’t put on ur Fastrack goggles, out of sheer fear of that old intellectual and his massive grenade that he might have targeted at u (and not me), ‘coz somehow your details tend to be more apparent than mine !

    Some people are pure lucky, that their 700 rs goggles don’t get shrugged off as 100-150 ka chashma ! but that’s only when they have d company of mighty bravehearts who tend to LAUGH AT STUPID JOKES! 😀

    • OMG…. now see you yourself are calling him “Old Intellectual”.. isn’t this a testimony of that how he actually knew and asked you that specific targeted question?? 😀 😀

  2. Thank you! I would now go on this blog every day!

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