Timeless Bonding

Some rainy and wintry mornings in Hyderabad are a great source of joy like its happening from last two-three days. You wake up and see the whole world around you pervaded with the smell of rain soaked ground. This is when a lazy morning demands nothing but a cup of steaming hot coffee to make a perfect offset for the day ahead. 🙂

The sweet fragrance of the misty morning mingled with the smell of first rays of the sun is heavenly. The wind feels glorious in strange combination layers of slight chill and mild warmth almost like when you have an ice cream with hot chocolate fudge. 🙂 🙂

These last days in college and probably last in Hyderabad also, are very much reminding me of the very initial days of mine in the city. Coming from the city- which boils in the month of July to Hyderabad in the very best of its weather in recent times, such a great relief it was, I instantly fell in love with this city.

Life doesn’t seem too bad. 

But I’ll miss this city badly!!! 😦

~ by Ravi on April 10, 2009.

10 Responses to “Timeless Bonding”

  1. heeeyyyy….
    Even I am missing dose dayzzz like HELL.. I remember, dat rain was the only thing, which made us, forced us instead to LOVE our Hyderabad. Unhi Barish ne to hamaara SWAAGAT kia tha Hyderabad mein..

    Remember That last day in d hostel, jb tera saaman lene aae the, dat was the mooost remembering day, and wenever i see rain, sabse pehle wai din yaad aata hai.. he hee.. That day, rain drops were parallel to the surface and it was striking us tooo hard too.. Stormyy breezy..It was too Cold dat day, that we were not even able to wear those wet clothes again.. ;P .. Ohhh GODD…

    I will alwayzzz miss dose dayz, n feeling like running away from here to spend my whole life in the Lap of MY Hyderabad!

  2. rightly pointed buddy… those were the days!! this is all what makes our bonding with this city “timeless” 🙂

  3. damn, its going to be really tough as we leave this lovely place, for a life that we know nothing about. 😦

    lovely post. wil take us back to the wonder times every time we’ll read it 🙂

  4. hats off to u ravi….the way it has been explained,creats a wonderful painting,and the best part of it is….I have been a part of all these lovely moments shared in hyderabad…gonna miss everything badly….

    • thank you reshuka…hope that these moments remain with us forever…wherever we may go and whatever we may do..we’ll certainly cherish all these moments for the rest or our lives. Cheers!! 🙂

  5. hey ravi..u have created ur lovely moments in hyderabad beutifully that though i’ve never been there but still i want to love that for its weather..keep it gng!

    • thank you shweta, Hyderabad is a lovely city, its not just weather which is great but every other thing about this is equally good. Waise, I am a native of Delhi, but feels more Hyderabadi after these 4 years here 🙂

  6. Wow.. Summer Rains are good everywhere, but in Hyd they seem extra magical don’t they? Been away from my city for almost 4 years now and Im missing it a lot.. Your post made me remember all the times that i had there.. Can’t wait for May when ill b back in my Hyd!! good post dude..

    • Thank you Samuel for stopping by, my piece of time in this city is about to end but one thing is for sure that I may leave Hyderabad, but Hyderabad will never leave me 🙂

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