Who’s an Idiot

‘Idiot’ is a grossly misused word and an oversimplified epithet, this is what the Supreme Court of India felt when an identity crisis among the idiots made them file a plea in the court to make it clear who’s an idiot. Interestingly, the plea was filed by the Idiots’ Association of India which is accusing politicians like Amar Singh, Mayawati, Ramvilas Paswan and Lalu Yadav to be playing with their sentiments by claiming to be their real leader and playing vote-bank politics and not doing anything for the upliftment of the community. The definition by the Supreme Court will make it clear who is the most idiot among all, the President of the association said, and we’ll support him/her in the upcoming general elections.

This is what Supreme Court has to say defining an idiot:

To be legally accepted as an ‘idiot’, one has to be so dumb as to be unable to count till 20, list the days of the week, or fail to remember the names of one’s parents.

“An idiot is one who is of non-sane memory from his birth, by a perpetual infirmity, without lucid intervals: and those are said to be idiots who cannot count 20, or tell the days of the week or who do not know their fathers or mothers or the like,” said the judgement by Justices Arijit Pasayat and M K Sharma. They added that it was for the accused to prove they were idiots or otherwise of unsound mind. 

After the judgement by the Court Lalu Yadav was among the early movers to claim that he is the most idiot of all, eyeing the huge vote-bank of idiots. Amar Singh maintained that his lawyers are examining the whole judgement and will file a case in court to ask it to certify Amar Singh as the most idiot of all. Meanwhile, Mayawati announced that if selected to power her Government will provide Quota to idiots in Jobs and Higher Education. The war among the politicians is heating up as the general elections are round the corner. It is yet to be seen who emerges as the real Idiot and get the maximum chunk of this vote-bank.

I’ve also decided to take an opinion poll to see who’s stars are shining. Please vote


Watch out this space for regular updates. 😀 😀 😀


~ by Ravi on March 29, 2009.

6 Responses to “Who’s an Idiot”

  1. 18… 19… 20… 21!

    I’m good. No matter what others may tell me!

  2. so by d statement of supreme court….. all d infants are idiot… they dont know a damn thing…. and everyone is a born idiot… 🙂

  3. hey very onformative post on idiot-ness!!

  4. oh i meant informative

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